Calligraphy writing brush
That covers the art of the free form from learning of the calligraphy.
Writing brush
Watercolor painting and the paiting in Indian ink.
A special writing brush
They are made with bamboo,a chicken hair or a duck hair.
Baby's brush
This brush is made with baby's downy hair.
Ink stone
Japanese writing paper

5-7-24Jonohori Kumano-cho
Aki-gun Hiroshima
7314215 Japan

TEL +81-0828540339
FAX +81-0828550055
The Japanese calligraphy brush can slide, twist itself,
and raise on the paper.
Therefore, Handwriting is, as it were ,completed in the atmospheric space.
Moreover, this writing brush is sensual, and has smooth flexibility.


■ About Kumano-fude

Kumano-fude comes into being through 12 series of complex operations. they have been manufactured in Hiroshima Prefecture Kumano-cho since about 1840.

The Kumano-fude was designated as a traditional craftwork by the Minister's of International Trade and Industry in 1975.
17 master of craftsmen are authorized by Kumano-cho.(about 1500 craftsmen of writing brush-making are in Kumano-cho)

These brushes were produced successfully through the efforts of its crafts.
Kumano-fude became popular with Syodo lovers and beginners.
and We will have been studying process of manufacture every day.

Then, the manufacturer in this town are producing 80% of writing brushes in Japan.


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