Calligraphy writing brush
That covers the art of the free form from learning of the calligraphy.
Writing brush
Watercolor painting and the paiting in Indian ink.
A special writing brush
They are made with bamboo,a chicken hair or a duck hair.
Baby's brush
This brush is made with baby's downy hair.
Ink stone
Japanese writing paper

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Products list > Baby's hair brush

The unique remembrance of baby's birth

Recently this brush became popular with the parents who wanted to keep baby's birth commemoration.
(Baby's name and birthday are engraved on wooden shaft.)
Fuku mark / $190
Roku mark / $140(in black paint)
Roku mark / $140(in orange color paint)
Kotobuki mark / $90

How do I cut baby's hair?

1, How much amount of hair?
 Length : Over 4cm
 Diameter : Over 8mm

2, How do I cut?
 Please show the right figure to a beauty parlor.

3, How do I keep hair?
 Please wrap these hair in a sheet as the right figure. (You needn't care even if the hair of end or root mix.)

4, How do I offer you?
Enclose baby's hair and the
application form.
Then,please complete and send the application form to us.

5. How many days
to deliver?

We can make the delivery of this goods within 1month after receipt of your order.

6. preservation method
Put a repellent in the paulownia box, and keep it.

7. The baby's name, the date of birth, and so on are engraving in the brush shaft. Be easy for an application form kind to know, and write it down.

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