Calligraphy writing brush
These brushes are suitable from calligraphy-learning to the work of art.
Writing brush
For watercolor painting and the paiting in Indian ink.
A special writing brush
These brushes are made by bamboo,chicken and duck.
Baby's brush
This brush is made by the baby's downy hair.
Ink stone
Japanese writing paper

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Calligraphy Writing Brush
A short and narrow writing brush
315yen ~ 2,100yen
narrow writing brush
1,050yen ~ 5,250yen

Sutra writing brush
1,050yen ~ 2,625yen
very thin writing brush
630yen ~ 1,575yen

A long and narrow writing brush
3,150yen ~ 10,500yen
A thick writing brush
840yen ~ 3,675yen

A goat writing brush
5,250yen ~ 31,500yen
A very thick writing brush
1,575yen ~ 31,500yen

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